Welcome to JIT Components

Welcome to JIT Components
Our goal is to become your trusted partner in the supply chain of ELECTRONIC ENCLOSURES for your company. We have the knowledge and expertise to help locate an enclosure, or customize an enclosure, offer guidance and deliver a quicker and more profitable solution. Enclosures that fit exactly and meet your time frame better than waiting until the last minute to find an enclosure to fit your solution. 

Large companies or small companies will benefit from our wide range of off the shelf enclosures and expertise, we have the ability to customize your enclosure.

* Our partner Bernic Enclosures has taken over manufacturing of ERNI LDG-A and LDG-S products. Contact us for more details! *

One of our product lines now has an enclosure line that can expedite your design time and your manufacturing time. A major vendor in the industry just released a major news announcement.

 ITALTRONIC Jan 2021 “We then witnessed the technological evolution of electronic components and user interfaces, passing from the rotary or slide potentiometer to the current capacitive keys or directly to the capacitive displays In addition to electronics, also the design of the enclosures, especially in home automation environments, has followed its own style path until the recent birth of the new EYEBOX and EYEBOX SIMPLE enclosures….

Bernic A/S has manufactured and customized DIN rail enclosures since 1984, and we have extensive experience and knowledge in creating custom made DIN rail enclosures for our customers.