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USB Shells DataSheet

These connector shells of non structured light gray or transparent plastic are especially appropriate for USB-keychain, USB-dongles or general USB-periphery.  To ensure an easy and fast assembling, the enclosure parts can be jointed screw-less (snap-in) or glued. Because of this construction there is more room for your electronics inside.

  Description Snap-In Glued     Label Recesses
Transparent PC  GH02SG001/510 GH02SG001/510     Both Sides
Light Grey, ABS UL94-HB GH02SG001/520 GH02SG001/520     Both Sides
White GH02SG001/511 GH02SG001/511      Both Sides

These are bigger connector shells, which can be jointed with screws or glued are available in the colors light gray, black, blue, red, yellow and transparent blue.There also is the possibility of a cable outlet for cables with a diameter of max. 4,3  mm.

  with cable outlet for cables with max. 4,3 mm diameter  
  Description Screwable Glued Screwable Glued Label Recesses
Light grey, ABS GH02SG001/600 GH02SG001/601 GH02SG001/605 GH02SG001/606 one side
Black, ABS GH02SG001/610 GH02SG001/611 GH02SG001/615 GH02SG001/616 one side
Blue, ABS GH02SG001/620 GH02SG001/621 GH02SG001/625 GH02SG001/626 one side
Red, ABS GH02SG001/630 GH02SG001/631 GH02SG001/635 GH02SG001/636 one side
Yellow, ABS GH02SG001/640 GH02SG001/641 GH02SG001/645 GH02SG001/646 one side
Transparent, ABS GH02SG001/650 GH02SG001/651 GH02SG001/655 GH02SG001/656 one side